I want to know how to avoid the negative thoughts, creating palpitations and anxieties. Sometimes good thoughts are happening in me but it’s not being constant in my mind.


This happens to almost every human being. I appreciate your sincerity. Adopting the right technology in meditation only helps to progress, means when you are trying to meditate simply watching is important, your ability to pay attention. So you might be practicing any type of sadhana is no problem but every Guru normally teachers to focus, concentrate – that is the most important technique. So if you are able to do that then the transformation in the mind comes, your mind becomes more positive. So this is important psychological and spiritual philosophically either you should be able to keep your mind positively engaged or you should be able to keep it quiet. Otherwise it becomes a devil’s workshop, Everybody, it becomes negative, positive, negative. So always try to do this one. Whenever a negative thought arises instantly, immediately try to engage yourself into some positive thinking. Try to reassure yourself, never lose faith in yourself. That is important. ‘It will be alright. I can set right, I can achieve, let me practice more meditation’ and if the mind needs some anchor that is the Divinity or a Guru, whomever you like, whoever appeals to you. Remember them, have faith in them that their blessings will always be with you, their Grace will always be with you. Thinking like that will be helpful to you to overcome the negativity eventually.