In honouring the title and postponing to write an introductory paragraph for the next post, here are five ways  to gratify yourselves as a procrastinator :

1. Pledge to wake up at 6 in the morning (for your morning meditation of course) but eventually leave your bed at 9 am during winters and 8.55 am for rest of the year. There you have: self-realisation of a Yogi procrastinator already in yourself first thing in the morning! As they say, well begun is half done.
2. Plan to begin and stick to an exercise routine but let the unholy pandemic and lockdown bear the entire blame and here you are well on your way.. a Maha Yogi procrastinator!
3. Every time you have an argument with your friend, spouse, or colleague -don’t settle it down by talking through it but instead postpone and let it carry over. Crush that conversation and slide it under your yoga mat. This is truly the mark of a Siddha procrastinator in action.
4. Promise yourself to have an early and light dinner but often end up with a large pizza at midnight and perhaps no power in the three worlds can stop you from becoming a Master procrastinator in this very lifetime.
5. (I feel worn out by writing such a lengthy post today. Let’s do the fifth one tomorrow.)

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