We make a resolution to change any of our habit. May be it is to quit smoke or unhealthy drinking or eating at late night or gluing ourselves to our mobile screen. Starting is good but genereally after one or two weeks our resolution lay down at corner of the house and we again fall in the same trap. You know why it happens to most of us ? May be due to our low determination or due to inclinations towards our temptations, cravings etc. 
Today i am going to write a beautful exercise which is basically inspired from the book Motivational Interviweing and also the part of Yoga for Arthiritis.  You may write it down as your journal and keep record of it to finally quit your bad habit. This exercise suppports you in changing unhealthy habits at their source. 

  1. Select one habit that you want to change, like quit smoking or any thing you wish to discard.
  2. Note down the effect of this habit. Write down both benefits and the harms.
  3. What will you lose if you are no longer making this choice ? How will it harm you to no longer have this behaviour ? 
  4. Are there other healthier ways you can meet those same needs ?
  5. What is the underlying need that feeds this unhealthy pattern?
  6. What is your first step towards changing it ? Answer it from your personal perspective.
  7. Break down your first step into smaller pieces or baby steps to move further easily. 
  8. Go further from step-1 to 2 and so on to easily move to your first step
  9. When the craving for bad habit which you wish to quit, rise again, what you need to remember ? (What is your personal mantra to come back)
  10. Appreciate yourself for taking this action. (Pat on your back for each success of coming back). List some healthy self care activities that help you feel loved or relaxed. 

When we investigate the source of a behaviour and acknowledge the reasons we engage in it, this clarity helps us let go easily. Curosity and acceptance are the important attitudes of surrendering unhealthy behavoiurs. Observe your answers and choices calmly and enjoy the process of self change.