How to choose?

You are at a party and there are varieties of sweets to lure you.
But you have diabetes……
Should you eat the sweets or not?

Eating sweets is not good for you….
But you like the sweets…..

Exam is a day ahead for which you are not prepared fully. Friends are asking you to accompany them to see the movie.
Should you go or not?….
Spending precious time in movie is not good for you…
but you like the movie and friends as well….

There are always two choices for our every action.
To do or not to do…
To go or not to go…
To agree or not to agree….and so on..

Whenever you are in indecisive state , a beautiful vedantic concept can help you to choose only the good and right option with guarantee.

This is the Concept of shreyas/श्रेयस ( good) and preyas/प्रेयस ( pleasant)path.

Sweets are not good for a diabetic. That means eating sweets is not shreyas for a diabetic.
So if a diabetic rejects the sweets even if he/she likes to eat it, this is the shreyas( good).
But if a diabetic eats the sweets even if it is not good for him/her, this is the preyas( only pleasant).

Everything we like may not be good for us..and we may not like every good thing.

In our life; the good and the pleasant both comes to us . We have to distinguish….with thoughtful mind.
Whenever any decision for an action is to be taken , you ask yourself , ” Is this preyas(good) or shreyas( only pleasant)?”
If you choose the shreyas… will never regret. You will succeed for sure……
Preyas ( pleasant) gives you instant pleasure, but if it is not good( shreyas), you have to face the sorrows later.

Habit of drinking alcohol gives one instant sense of wellbeing but in long term ; it results in various medical ailments.
Shreyas may or may not give you the instant results.  But it’s long term results are good for sure.
You may not like swallowing the bitter pills; because of its after taste but it will surely help you to be disease free.

Blessed are those, whose ‘preyas’ and ‘shreyas’ matches.

Waking up early morning at Brahma muhurtha is the shreyas. One who likes to wake up at Brahma muhurtha is the blessed one as his preyas and shreyas matches.
Thus applying this concepts in daily routine can make us well disciplined and good enough to achieve the worldly successes.

According to the kathopanishad,
‘Shreyas’ is that which is good for the path of Self-Realization ( path of liberation)
‘Preyas’  is that which is pleasing to the senses. It binds and stagnets one at the body mind level. It is the hindrance to the path of liberation.

Blessed is that small child ‘Nachiketa’, who rejects all the worldly pleasures and prosperities ( path of preyas) and select the path of Truth…( Shreyas)
Let’s choose only shreyas activities so that we can succeed in achieving our ultimate goal of Self-realization.

      Hari Om!

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