Whenever we feel thirsty we move and pick the bottle or glass of water and start drinking it gloop, gloop, gloop, and feel — Ah! Good.

Is this ok or should we follow some techniques when drinking water?

So before discussing the right techniques firstly we should take small study of general aspects of  water and its effect on our body.

Water is an inorganic, transparent, tasteless, odourless, and nearly colourless chemical substance, which is the main constituent of Earth’s hydrosphere and the fluids of all known living organisms. It is vital for all known forms of life, even though it provides no calories or organic nutrients.

Water and Body 

Water is vital both as a solvent, in which many of the body’s solutes dissolve, and as an essential part of many metabolic processes within the body. Metabolism is the sum total of anabolism and catabolism. In anabolism, water is removed from molecules in order to grow larger molecules (e.g., starches, triglycerides, and proteins for storage of fuels and information). In catabolism, water is used to break bonds in order to generate smaller molecules (e.g., glucose, fatty acids, and amino acids to be used for fuels for energy use or other purposes). Without water, these particular metabolic processes could not exist.

The human body contains from 55% to 78% water, depending on body size. To function properly, the body requires between one and seven ltrs of water per day to avoid dehydration; the precise amount depends on the level of activity, temperature, humidity, and other factors. Most of this is ingested through foods or beverages other than drinking straight water. The latest dietary reference intake report by the United States National Research Council in general recommended, based on the median total water intake from US survey data 3.7 ltrs for men and 2.7 ltrs of water total for women, noting that water contained in food provided approximately 19% of total water intake in the survey.

Rules of Drinking Water as per Ayurveda 

(Though neither I recommend everyone to follow these rules nor I have any deep scientific knowledge about these yet these are beneficial and powerful for all. Tips  mentioned here are as per literature I read, any follower is requested to take advice of physician before following these. But one thing assures  from my side that you will  definitely get superb benefits if you follow it properly.)

  1. Do not drink water while standing, it will cause a health issue in your knees.
  2. Always drink water at least half an hour before meal or one and half hour after meal as it will going to digest your food easily. If we take water along with meal it will have a bad effect on our jathar agni (Fire element in the body)
  3. Your water should be lukewarm or as per room temperature, avoid drinking very cold water as it can cause multiple diseases.
  4. In Ayurveda, it’s said that drink what you eat and eat what you drink means when you are eating something it should be chewed at least 32 times by jaws before swallowing it. And if you drink anything you should do so sip by sip. Helps to reach fluids at each part of the body also develop mindfulness.🙂
  5. One glass of water just half an hour before bath takes down the blood pressure normal.
  6. One glass of water before sleep can reduce the chances of heart attack
  7. One glass of lukewarm water always in morning after wakeup gives relief from constipation and keep bladder and kidneys disease free.
  8. Brush your teeth always at night before sleep and at morning drink lukewarm water before brushing. This will help to intake saliva of your mouth along with water which is very beneficial for your intestines.
  9. Before going outside or any workout take one glass of water covers you from dehydration

Hope you will enjoy the reading and try to follow some of these.  For more details on the above topic i recommend

Ashtanga Hridyam by Vagbhatta.

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