How to get through hard times in life?

The globe seems to be lurching from one catastrophe to the next lately. We’ve seen a global epidemic, significant changes in how we live our lives, economic uncertainty, political and social unrest, and a slew of natural calamities. People are also struggling with personal tragedies such as the death of a loved one, deteriorating health, unemployment, divorce, violent crime, or terrible accidents. This is a period of extraordinary strife and change for many of us. And getting through hard times has been challenging so far. 

I had lost my job in 2021 and on top of that my best friend had died recently, I had difficulty in getting through hard times. Most of the time I use to wonder, why bad things keep happening to me all the time. I even read some quotes about going through hard times, and about strength in hard times and I had no strength to deal with the things going on in my life. 

Nothing helped, nothing… 

The primary reason I am writing this article today is to make sure that everyone who goes through this article has the strength to deal with their life. Life is very unpredictable and if you are someone going through the challenging times of your life keep on reading. 

2022 has begun with positivity in my life even though I have a few challenges, I have the strength to overcome them now. 

So, how does it change?

Well, I came across the video of Om Swami which changed an entire perception of how to live and deal with my life. 

Here’s what I have learned:

What to do when we are dealing with a difficult situation in life?

There comes a time when you can’t pray, you can’t take god’s name and you cant contemplate. 

The question is how do we spend the bad time in our life?

In short, spend it the same way you would when it was a good time. Don’t consider bad times any different. That was also a good time. This is also a time which is not good. 

How do people adjust according to circumstances?

Similarly, when the weather is hot, a person turns on to air conditioning. If the room has air conditioning he will turn it on, if there is no air conditioning in the room people will turn on the fan and if there is no fan, then they will just sit down. No one has died from sweating till now. 

There are chances that he will complain about the situation, or he will cry about it. That’s how people adjust themselves in the situation. 

A funny story about Mullah Nasruddin.

Once upon a time, Mullah Nasruddin stayed at the lodge. When he left the lodge towards his destination, he realized he left his umbrella in his room. He then rushes back to his room but unfortunately, the room was locked. Now, the couple was staying in the room. He was about to knock and he hears some noises from the room.  

The husband was asking his wife, “To whom do these beautiful eyes belong?” She says “They are yours” 

He again asks,” To whom does this beautiful face belongs?”

She replied” They’re yours”

He once again asked,” To whom do these soft hands belong?”

She again replied, “They’re yours” 

After hearing everything for a while, Mulla couldn’t resist and he said loudly, “When you get to the umbrella, that’s mine.”

So, the moral here is when the person is happy, all the happiness is his. And in his grief, he says his grief is someone else’s. 

For instance, the husband said, these beautiful hands, eyes are mine, but grief isn’t mine. According to people, grief is given to me by either society, god, or someone else. 

What is the main difference between a man and a woman?

The difference between a male and a female is that a women’s taste is in bad times. When there is a bad time of yours, is your women supportive at that time? Or is she saying that “This guy is of no use? I must leave” 

While, contrary to women, the male’s test is always in good times. When life is full of splendor, wealth, and luxury, at that time, is he living a purposeful life or is he becoming an animal? 


Anyone who can live with bravery in good times can live with the same during bad times too. Anyone who is not daring in good times will always be brave in bad times. 

If a person is aware that happiness and grief are cyclical, then there is no reason to grieve. 

What qualities are needed to rise above the feelings of grief and joy?

Your behavior depicts the feelings that you get. For instance, if you be modest brave, and courageous you are going to get through life’s grief and joy with patience. 

With peace and patience, all-time passes. 


10 Law of karma quotes

1- “If you’re a truly evil person, you’ll return as a fly and eat poop.” Kurt Cobain, Kurt Cobain, Kurt Cobain, Kurt Co

2- The world changes as long as karma exists. There will always be some sort of karma to deal with.” Nina Hagen (Nina Hagen, Nina Hagen, Nina Hag

3- “I make an effort to live with the belief that karma is a very real concept. So I made a list of what I’d like to get back.” Megan Fox (Megan Fox)

4-“Men are punished by themselves, not for their misdeeds.” Elbert Hubbard 

5- “If you do good in the world, your karma will be excellent over time, and you will receive good.” Russell Simmons is an American actor and producer.

6- “She reaps what she has sowed; such is the field of karma.” Sri Guru Granth Sahib (Sri Guru Granth Sahib)

7- “When karma strikes, it strikes hard.” Tom Fitton

8- “Recognize that everything is interconnected.” – Da Vinci, Leonardo

9- “Karma waits for the right moment to strike. You’ll have to keep your eyes peeled at all times. Karma is a cruel and ruthless god who constantly exacts retribution.” – Bayani, Benjamin

10- “You can’t inflict harm to someone because you’ve been harmed.” You’ll pay the same as they will.” Ericka Williams

10 Tips to help you get through the hard times

Dealing with difficult times in life is more challenging, especially when you are coping with grief and loss in your life. Here are some tips which can be beneficial to you in your hard times. 

  • Talk to someone you love
  • Journal your thoughts
  • Take a break
  • Spend some quality time with your friends, or family
  • Go on a short trip
  • Treat yourself to your favorite meal
  • Focus on the positive
  • Be grateful for what you have
  • Take a step back
  • Think about the big picture

Dealing with the difficult times in life can be easier if you believe and love yourself. Make sure you don’t blame yourself for everything happening in your life. It is not entirely your fault that things are not the way you wanted. And if it is not going the way you planned it to go, God has bigger and greater things for you ahead.

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