“Letting go and healing is way to hard , learning new things about yourself and the world around you which keeps changing with a blink of an eye can be exhausting,but you can always keeping moving like a gypsy coz that’s what you are”

You don’t have to force positive things ,they flow like a magnificent river in your life at a right time. You don’t fall in love with cute face and nice talks what really matters is morals, maturity and personality. You don’t have to overthink and waste precious seconds of your beautiful life who doesn’t simply deserve you .

Let go of hurt , emotional baggage of IFS and BUTS and unrealistic negative expectations .If it was never meant to be it will never be there in physical existence.what is meant for you ,what you truly deserve like something that brings peace and more life to your life will eventually find you just like all the rivers find their way to the ocean .

No need to overanalyze,keep it simple and raw.most important question to ask is
“Do I really want it”?.Go deep within and there will be true answers waiting for you .

Somebody not liking you doesn’t make you less likeable or less lovable person .you just keep walking in your true grace. Dont compromise your self worth to seek something from someone.

Let the gods ,the universe be with you
Keep moving so that what truly belongs to you ,finds you at right time .
You are lovable
You are needed
You are true and irreplaceable like moon to the night sky and sun in the
Love yourself a little more in ways you get close to yourself .
My love and affection for swamiji and all the people here. ❤️🌞Love