Do you suffer from lethargy and lack of concentration? Are you a student who bunks class often or is irregular at work? Do you have poor communication skills?

Do you suffer from mental disorders like OCD or ADHD? Do your problems include lack of willpower, emotional turmoil, ego clashes, illusions, suspiciousness, and unnecessary fears? Chances are that malefic Ketu in your horoscope is behind all these.

What is Ketu?

Ketu is one of the Navagrahas in Vedic astrology. It is a mysterious planet that is considered to be malefic. It is also called a shadow planet as it has no existence, being one of the lunar nodes. As it is represented by a snake’s tail, it is also called a snake planet.

Despite its negative effects, it also gives some positive effects sometimes. It is not as malefic as the other snake planet Rahu (north lunar node). But it can be very unpredictable. It can bring beneficial results in the 11th, 6th, 3rd houses in a natal chart. It causes feelings of detachment and health problems, too.

Ketu is believed to cause lunar eclipses. People with Ketu dosha often develop bad habits. Ketu is said to have a cruel nature, so people fear its negative effects.

Let us see the positive effects of Ketu first.

Positive effects of Ketu

1. A person with a favorable Ketu in the birth chart will be spiritually wise.

2. It is good for a person’s career and business.

3. It can bestow knowledge of one’s past lives.

4. The person will be virtuous and intelligent.

5. Students with beneficial Ketu will be good in academics.

6. It gives good imagination, and luck in several businesses.

7. The native may have Mantra or Yoga Siddhi.

8. It gives the ability to foresee future events.

9. The native may become good writers, orators, teachers, astrologers, psychics, etc.

10. They will treat others fairly and have a helping nature.

Now let us see the negative effects of Ketu.

Negative effects of Ketu

1. Ketu causes major health problems if it is in a bad position in a birth chart of a person.

2. A negative Ketu can also create obstacles in the education of a person.

3. It can also induce immobility of joblessness and loss of reputation in one’s life.

4. It brings a spectrum of impediments to a person’s life if it is in a negative stance.

5. Family problems, sudden deaths, accidents, marital conflicts, and loss of wealth can also be induced by a negative Ketu.

6. Likelihood of skin diseases, joint pain, nerve weakness

7. Hearing loss and persistent cough

8. Problems in childbirth.

9. Spinal cord issues and stones in kidney/gall bladder.

10. Problems for children.

How to Make Ketu Happy

By doing some remedies, one can reduce Ketu’s negative effects on our lives. Here are some of the most effective remedies to please Ketu.

1. Wear gold jewelry if you are experiencing Ketu’s malefic effects. It could be a gold chain, ring, etc.

2. Stop wearing anything in grey color. Include white and yellow colors to please Ketu.

3. Don’t be quick to trust anyone, even if it’s someone very close to you. They are likely to deceive you.

4. Saffron is a great remedy. You can eat it or drink it with milk. Or apply it as a Tilak on your forehead mixed with some sandal paste. It is very effective.

5. Try to become more spiritual. Meditation can bring peace.

6. Avoid the temptation to take shortcuts in life. It will only bring trouble.

7. Wear a silver bracelet to reduce Ketu’s malefic effects. Donate sugar as it can neutralize the effects of Ketu.

8. Dogs are dear to Ketu. So be kind to dogs. Taking care of street dogs will bring good results.

9. Say ‘No’ to friends if the occasion demands it.

10. Chant the Ketu Mantra 108 times daily and do meditation regularly. It makes Ketu happy.

The Mantra is – Om stram streem straus: ketve namah:

11. Light a ghee lamp under the Peepal tree on Saturdays.

12. Put a little Kusha and Durva grass in lots of water and offer it to the Peepal root on Saturdays.

13. Worship Lord Hanuman, Lord Ganesha, and Goddess Durga.

14. On Sundays, offer halwa and sweet curd to girls.

15. Mix a little curd and black sesame in cooked rice in Krishna Paksha. Keep it under the Peepal tree and pray to Ketu.

16. Observe a fast on Trayodashi Tithi.

17. Wear Lahusnia gemstone.

18. Donate urad dal, iron, warm clothes, umbrella, blankets, etc.