A little story-time. It was only in 2018, I challenged myself to read one book a month. 12 books a year, seems easy right? But trust me, I couldn’t even do that. I still lagged behind my challenge. It was mid-2018 and it took only one book to turn the table. In a wink, reading one book felt doable and I surpassed my Reading Challenge by 6 more books.

Isn’t that wonderful?

I was as proud as a peacock. I hopped from 12 books a year to 52 books a year and guess how they turned out? In 2019, I completed 63 books, and in 2020, 52 books.

If you want to move mountains tomorrow you must start by lifting stones today
If you want to read 52 books a year, you must start reading today

Let’s go through each step one by one. Okay?

Step 1: Know your purpose

Please answer this, what made you click on this post?

At the back of your mind, did you feel the curiosity to know How to read 52 books?

If it did. My friend, you’re on the right path.

Now, let’s do one last introspection of WHY you want to read?

All I knew back in 2018 was I need to complete my challenge, I need to read books for my betterment and I will only rest after I accomplish my challenge.

Do you have the same enthusiasm and determination? If you do, the further steps will bring you close to achieving your goal. If you don’t, no worries, reiterate through these steps.

Step 2: Estimate your reading speed

Now, that you’re clear about your purpose. Let’s set a goal for you.

As I said, reading 52 books didn’t happen overnight. It took me two years to go from 18 books to 52 books.

Well begun is half done
Go online and test your reading speed.

Most people’s reading speed falls somewhere between 200 – 250 words per minute and the average number of words in a book is around 70,000 – 90,000.

That means it will take around 350 minutes to finish a book. Now, let’s divide this by 7 days a week. We get 50 minutes.

If you just spare 50 minutes of a day to reading, by the year-end you would’ve read 52 books.

That means, most of us can actually read 52 books a year.

Step 3: Make a reading routine

I believe this is one of the important steps. What’s the point if you don’t make time for reading and still want to achieve your goal?

Now, we know that you need close to an hour for reading every day.

Let’s make a schedule for you. Before that, answer this:

Are you a morning or a night person? You’ve your answer right there.

If you’re a morning person, pick your book up, sip a cup of coffee/tea and listen to the bird’s chirp.

If you’re a night person, grab the book by your bedside, slump in your cozy blanket, and have a steamy hot chocolate.

A little reminder, please keep all your technology and other distractions at bay.

Step 4: Share your reading process

I always get my work done when I speak about it and share it with others, be it family, friends, or even social media.

Reading is no embarrassment. Share your reading list, the book you’re currently reading, the quotes you liked, set up a Goodreads account and share your reading challenge, recommend books to your friends, and make the whole experience alive and kicking.

When you do that, you’re held accountable and when you slump away from your goal, you’ll start feeling guilty and conscious about it.

If you don’t have anyone to share your reading experience, you know where to find me ๐Ÿ™‚