Have a Set Reading List  

At the beginning of each year goodreads.com gives you a reading challenge. You set a certain number of books to read in that given year and the website shows you your progress. It definitely enables us to read more but for quiet a few years I’ve found the challenge makes the number of books more important than the number of books you actually need to read. I have read more than double books I planned on but when I look at my reading list I feel I could have read more quality books than just the entertaining ones. 

For instance I began reading The Watchmen by Alan Moore just because it was available on Amazon Prime Reading, I wanted to read it since ages, but now I feel somehow I’ve grown out of that genre. And I started The Watchmen when I was already between three books. 

Before setting a reading challenge of 2022, I will have a setlist of the books that I absolutely have to finish. I’ll take lesser number than this year but I just might end up being satisfied double fold.

Happy Reading 


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