Using Features like Word Runner on Kindle App and Reading with Timer

There is an option in Kindle App – the Word Runner which flashes a eBook in words instead of sentences. The reader does not get to see the complete sentences, this prevents one to move his/ her eyes allowing compete focus on the book. This is a good tool to eradicate a bad habit of re- reading sentences which by inducing mindfulness by reading one word at a time.

This feature comes in handy when one is in tough chapter that becomes a drag, or in the beginning of a book to make a strong advancement in first couple of chapters.


and the final way to read fast is 

Invest in Good Books and Building a Personal Library 

This is the fastest method to get skilled in this art. When you invest in a particular book you make sure to try and get a return on it. One is more likely to implement the teachings of a book when it gets purchased by him or her. It also makes you wiser to comprehend the knowledge of an author just by reading a sample chapter on eBooks.

Have you made your reading list for next year???

Happy Reading


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