It’s easy to say Live,love ,laugh and give than follow it practically! Specially in moment of a disagreement as simple as ordering an ice cream in cold season with kids having cough or an online class being attended lying down and watching t.v during the same or adding -5 and _2 as 7 by a class 7 child! Can we still love and laugh? Do body expressions, tone and patience  give up ? Can we still be as loving,compassionate and and ideal parent? According to Swamiji nothing but love can teach! no anger, no scare ,no screaming, no ridicule no stop talking  make a Child more disciplined and responsible or make him agree to our point of view at that point in time? With 2 years stretched no school ,no extra curriculum activities and 24×7 parent children having too much dose of each other, seeing their flaws and trying to make them perffect is among most parents top worrying list ! I m one such parent too and I think my 12 year old son is the most ardent devotee of Swamiji who without even reading his books makes me follow all his teaching almost bullying me to a torture! So in middle of an angry out burst he ensures I laugh ,and it can’t be a false smile but a hearty laugh! How can in middle of an anger or disagreement or irritation some one laugh??? Ask Me ,he won’t budge until I do that and after that I have to love him too…love…HOW??? May be like u do your pet by patting and kissing or atleast making those kisses sounds! And this is multiple times a day deals,; do I cry or I laugh But I m sure Swamiji must be laughing  giving my son these Indeginous ideas!