Marriage compatibility depends on various factors. It takes time to know a person, and sometimes even years are not enough. Well, this doesn’t come practical when you have to marry a person; you don’t get much time to know them. That is why astrologers suggest a Kundli reading session. Before marriage, the families of both bride and groom call their astrologer and ask them for Kundali matching.

The astrologer reads the birth chart of both individuals and concludes. He describes how well both would go in terms of each aspect, and he also describes where both can face incompatibility.

If something more serious occurs in their birth charts, such as malefic planets or any Yoga or Dasha, the astrologer suggests suitable remedies. By doing these remedies, the Dasha or any malefic effects can be reduced significantly.

This also comes as a part of marriage astrology, where the astrologer also takes help from the zodiac signs of the bride and groom. In Vedic astrology, the Moon sign has significant importance in knowing a person by their zodiac sign. Hence astrologer also checks their Moon sign and determine their compatibility score.

A few zodiac signs are not compatible with other signs; similarly, there are zodiac signs that come compatible with others.

To understand this, we should first understand that every zodiac sign is bound to one element, such as Fire, Air, Water, and Earth. Generally, Fire signs don’t go well with Water and Earth signs. Likewise, air signs don’t go well with Water and Earth signs. Water signs are not compatible with Air and Fire signs. Likewise, earth signs are not compatible with Air and Fire signs.

However, Fire signs are compatible with Air and sometimes Water signs too. Air signs are compatible with Fire signs. Water is compatible with Earth and Vice Versa.

The compatibility of two people doesn’t solely depend on their zodiac signs, but these signs also contribute to determining their compatibility when an astrologer reads the birth chart.

Let’s get to know which zodiac signs are compatible with other signs-

Aries and Aquarius: Both would have an exciting relationship as both are adventurous by nature. Both would have a great time exploring new things together without obstructing each other.

Taurus and Cancer: Both signs value their partner and connect emotionally. Both believe in loyalty and trust; hence they would go together very well. The older the bond gets, the stronger it becomes.

Gemini and Aquarius: Both believe in independence, and both love to do crazy things. Hence they will love each other and also believe in the individuality of each other.

Cancer and Pisces: Both are Water signs, and both are very emotional. Once they are in love with each other, nothing can separate them, and both will dive deep emotionally with each other.

Leo and Sagittarius: What happens when two adventurous souls come together? Lots of Fun, of course! It would be a passionate relationship where both would share a great love and understanding.

Virgo and Taurus: Both are Earth signs, and hence both are very practical. Once they have chosen their partner, there is no stepping back. They would experience almost no difficulty in understanding each other and build a comfortable life together.

Libra and Gemini: A Libra always believes in balancing, which would bring Gemini back every time it is troubling with its dual nature. Both are fun and jolly signs which would share their knowledge while maintaining a great friendship as well.

Scorpio and Cancer: This will be an intense connection since both are water signs, and both consider their partners more than anyone or anything.

Sagittarius and Aries: Both are fire signs, and both believe in individuality. Together they will have so much fun where a Sag will always take their partner to new adventures, and an Aries would never let the fire die between them.

Capricorn and Taurus: Both people have strong emotional bonding, and they are practical. Both will go together effortlessly and would respect each other a lot.

Aquarius and Gemini: Both will enjoy the intellect in each other, and both will have their independence. They will enjoy doing things together as well as find their “Me time.”

Pisces and Scorpio: These two will go well both mentally and physically. They will understand and value each other with a high passion and possessive nature.