She had that tint of craziness in her soul that made her believe she could actually make a difference, 

All she wanted was the answer, 

But she had no idea how much she would hate it. 

Two seats were vacant. 

She obviously didn’t heed the warning,

But it had turned out surprisingly well.

She decided that the time had come to be stronger than any of the excuses she’d used until then.

Her son had quipped that power bars,

Were nothing more than adult candy bars.

So, though the light in her life was actually a fire burning all around her, 

She waited for the shower to warm, 

And she noticed that she could hear water change temperature, 

As the ocean, 

When a three-year-old girl ran down the beach, 

As her kite flew behind her. 

“Please wait outside of the house,”

She said, 


Wisdom is easily acquired,

When hiding under the bed with a saucepan on your head.



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