As my Swayamvar process was onn ,in between, i got high viral fever ,may be Delhi heat or like examination fever( marriage fever) ,so we took a 10 day break for resuming to matrimonial biodatas that were short listed ! But the Cupid had some other plans , just above our first floor flat was ,the house of a Kuwait Serving petroleum engineer,,Sunny bhaiya who was getting married at the same time ,so all his marriage functions from rokna to sagai to ladies sangeet and cocktail were onn in my viral fever sick leave ( from office aswelll matrimonial search) days! Since i was not as jolly ,bubbly and in my high energy ,i just could not attend any functions, so to participate, i just used to stand in our balcony and watch everyone dance ,since they were Punjabis , Drinks ,Dance and Daler Mehendi were at high volume with songs like Bolo Tara ra ra! There one of the cousins of Sunny bhaiya s eyes clicked with mine and we both smiled at each other ,( he danced well so i smiled) ,But the smile caused( man mei ladooo foota) ,Since there were only land lines at that time , The cousin whos name was “Shera” and was doing in agriculture and was said to be a gold medalist called at our house land line , my grand father picked the phone and it was a dumb call,after 2 hours each ,my mom and dad recived these silent calls too,So they said ” abb too uthana,seems some one wants to talk to you” , i picked the phone and Shera from other end said ,,” pehchana ,..
Mei Shera ,kal dance achha lagaa mera?? ” it was quiet shocking for me though and i was too unwell to respond ,So he said…kyaa bakri ( goat) jaise bol rahi ho , all 6 eyes of my family members was on me! And i was responding in hmm ,haa ,Next he asked me , ..
I like a girl and want to marry her ,will u help me ,this was our first ever conversation.
To this i said who? He said You ( without bio data ,back door entry! ) , I dont know you was my loud and clear answer ,to which he said ” i ll shoot myself if you say no” , Now this was getting very serious and beyond imagination I m a big Bollywood fan ,but to have reel life in real was not as comfortable, before i could respond ,he said ,i m going back to Hoshiyarpur for my exam ,after 10 days i ll come with my full power and tumhe uthaa ke le jaaoonga! ” He kept the phone and i was all ” kaato to khoon nahi ” , any ways ,my parents were my friends so i narrated each word to them! Being extremely innocent, submissive and non aggressive our discussion also went till our shifting house ,town and jobs to hide from such a hooligan! But my grand father suggested we talk to Sunny bhaiya s parents who were Sheras uncle and aunt! When my mom went and narrated the whole event and how he had threatened me ,the uncle and aunt almost touched our feet and reasured, Nanu is like our daughter,we ll ensure Shera never comes to Delhi, be rest assured ! For many months even my 20 minutes coming late made my parents heart beat high, aswelll i called atleast 4 times from work to reassure i m secure! Shera never came to Delhi ,till i got married.

This was an unexpected back door entry without biodata entry which highlighted how innocent and non controversial people are so vulnerable still in society!