Our development in science and technology has lead us to live a comfortable and luxurious life. One person can communicate with other person sitting thousand miles just by dialling a number. There were days when people used to travel by foot. So in order to cover thousand miles, it took months to reach that place. Now if one wants to reach a place situated thousand miles from one’s residence, then one can reach within few hours just by buying a plane ticket. Such has been developments in last century that everything seem to be easy.

But with advancement of technology, behaviour of human being has also change. Even after having advance means of communication, we are afraid to talk to stranger. We are afraid to help a stranger. Media is little responsible for spreading illusion. But it is not whole truth. It actually depends on us, how we perceive the thing. We as human being are so emotional that we tend to react to every small event without even investigating the matter. The truth is that everything is susceptible to change. But who want the change?

Newton’s first law say,” A body continue to be in the state of rest or in the state of motion, unless and until a external force is applied.”

The same law is also applicable to us. Until we don’t encounter trouble, we think everything is going fine. The moment we encounter trouble, it jolt us from sleep and we start asking why it happens to us? Even if we are watching trouble around but still chose to ignore it instead of solving it.

Most of us are busy with family. We spent maximum time with our loved ones. But personally, we also need to give time to stranger who actually need us. There are people who are going through immense pain. Million of people on earth go to bed empty stomach and million of other are homeless. Personally, we all need to take this matter as important as our family matters. As it well said in Vedas that this whole world is our home. As human being who have infinite potential should not limit their strength. We all need to work for other selflessly.Thank you everybody for providing this wonderful platform as a means of communication. Thank you once again. Thank you for everything.




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