When ego enters, mind get destroyed. If mind is destroyed, then willingness to learn anything get destroyed. If there is no learning then empty shields of ignorance get developed. Further limitations get developed. But the world is growing, world is changing and now we lack behind. And we start blaming others for changing.

Remember, without parents and teachers, you would not have matured in life. Without friends, you would not have compared and solved your problems. Without seeing people having more than you, you would not have any goals in life and without seeing people getting less than you would not have been so grateful in life. No houses without carpenters, no agriculture without farmers, no company without employees, no nature without trees and animals. All living things rely on each other. You’re not alone.

Remember Humility. Let your ego go down and learn a little. Say please and thank you while putting your ego down. This removes limitations from life creating opportunities for abundance and growth. Humility is seeing yourself in a larger world and learning from others and respecting others. So, listen when people speak. Be humble.