Now that by Bio data to find( fight) a perffect Suitor was ready with a perffect photo graph ,it was the time to select under which category do we post my matrimonial add,! Choice was between cast ,subcast, language or professional prefrence! Since arranged marriage is a calculated affair!
( rather than cupid hitting u the arrow unaware) why not choose the best available option! So a lengthy Group discussion among family made me prevail over them ,…no i dint want to marry a Doctor ( he would always lecture me on healthy living) ,a teacher …no,no ( he ll keep correcting and disciplinining me) and an engineer ( no way ,he ll keep repairing all mixi s ,fans and gadgets of house) So ,i zeroed upon a CHEF of a 5 star resort ,this would have following advantages…
1) living in resort ( close to mothers nature ,natural air ,sea side with long palm trees and a swing hammock to relax on) 2,) Tasty exotic meals ,each time to eat( what ever he cooks in kitchen would definitely be for his lady love so no cooking for me) ,3) Exclusive dinner dates in different cuisine restaurants *( each day i ll get dressed up in most stylish attire and have candle light italian ,chinese ,continental and Avadh cousines with Master Chef,) ,4) No cleaning or arranging our bed sheets ,utensils or washing clothes( since resort has house keeping and laundry service ,i could just whole day enjoy my reading sessions in lobby, cofee shop or pool side) ,5) He ll have immense patience and would be extremely hard working ( service industry makes an individual naturaly humble,courteous and prim and proper in looks and hygine) 6,) Out of the world creativity and talent* ( since CHEF can cook from even a banana..
Bonafoe pie ,My life partner would be extremely witty ,creative and talented) 7) Non demanding( since chefs have to work on weekends ,Valentine days and all public holidays, he ll be most non demanding ) last but not the least i thought, he ll make me go to all international food festivals and curlinary events! Thinking all these points i asked my grand father to post our matrimonial add under the category of ” PROFESSIONAL “…were we ever approoached by a chef and his family.?.

More to follow..

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