Hungry soul

Nothing to be feed

Left, wondering

Left, unquenched

Left, troubled

Left in quest

Waiting for the moment

That all agony

Put to an end

Long drawn longing

Put to test

As each passing day

Nothing commence

Poverty of thee

Only to starve

A sight

None shall see

For eons to come

For it passes an endless throbbing

In a bid to be heard

For all went vain

To seize the moment

Where’s the lack, I quiver to the core

Drunk in nectar

Changing times

A tiny affair

But, the rhythm of time

Has its beats to play

Succumbing to its testimony

Is only my anchor

Loving the beauty

For is the only thing I could muster

In my heart

For a delight to arrive

To fill my heart

With overwhelming divinity

Rejoice in grace

Delighting my Soul.



Spiritual journey is difficult to fathom, many people got stuck up somewhere for a long time continuously making efforts to gain self on this journey. While some are lucky enough to find it without much difficulty because of many factors in their favour but for some it is difficult to find with all the right they have but no luck by their side and for some it is a mystery. I pray all find there’s.