I sit there

Not tired

Not happy

Just stunned.

The smoke from his cigarette stub

Is still filled in the room.

My ears don’t ache

But there is an echo

Of sorts

Or is it a siren

I hear

The one which that van had…

Parked across the road

Two days ago.

I sit


As if my spine is rooted to the ground

He hasn’t left

I hear his chappals squeak

Ah the squeak!!

The warmth of his palm

Is still on my ears

Funny how the left one

Which was not even slapped

Hurts even more

When you are hurt

It pains me

Mom told so to me

Is my left ear

Mom to my right ear?

Crazy he called me.

Crazy he calls me everyday.

But it is he who does crazy

He tore my blouse

And hurt my chest.

He kissed me

With cigarette mouth

And I vomited

He beat


Black and blue

And kissed me again.

This time his moustache

Pricked my upper lip

The smoke from the cigarette has gone

So has the squeak from those


He once threw them at me

It had a bubblegum stuck to its bottom

I picked it out

And tasted it

He laughed

Called me crazy

Mom said when I am hungry

I eat whatever I get

But where is mom

She is missing

The house no longer

Smells of her

All I can now smell is

The smoke from


He comes again

And kicks me

I don’t move

For I am rooted

Calls me crazy

And bangs his head

On the door

I pick up the cigarette stub

And chew it

Tastes horrible

He kicks me again

This time

I hold his leg

With my mouth

My teeth dug into his calf

He cries

I don’t leave him

The flesh tastes good

I like the way his leg smells

And also, the taste of his skin

My teeth go deeper

And his cry grows feeble

He tries to hold my mouth

But his hands
Don’t reach me
Mom was right
When I am hungry
I eat everything.