Hello os.me family, Today I want to share a life incident which is related to my online exams. It’s all about how a child would love to study. I always score more than 95% and I have also got a trophy for it.

Here’s the story:

A few days back my exams got over and my ma’am was discussing exam answer. In English I lost my 3 marks and in math’s I lost my 3 to 4 marks because I didn’t listen to my Mumma that time. I was crying because I thought that in this term, I will score below 90%. I told this to my Mumma. My Mumma firstly stopped me to cry more and she was so kind that instead of beating me for scoring less marks she explained me that don’t worry you can take lessons from this term and study hard for the next unit – 2 exams so that you can score better marks. I happily and joyfully listened and started studying hard for my next unit exams.

Here’s my trophy🏆which I got in 3rd class. And for my more trophies are with school as I didn’t got any trophy because of covid ‐ 19. I would have had got 2 more trophies if covid ‐ 19 was not there. Now I am in class sixth.

Huray!! 🤩🤩 exam's over 2


I thought if we listen to our parents and obey on time, we will not grieve for it. One should also confess its mistake in front of our parents so that they can solve our problems.