For Mother Nature, I am no different than a leaf or a flower- one amongst the trillions of life forms accross the Galaxies.

The leaf, delivered by the tree which sprouts from a seed, follows the same law of nature, just as I am delivered by a womb and sprouted from a seed.

So long as the leaf is connected to the Source it sways and flutters happily. At times it gets pushed and turned too, by the bellowing wind and rain. But, connected to the Source, it braves it all just bowing down and flutters again in good times. Finally when disconnected from the Source, it floats and twirls till it crashes to the ground to wither away and be consumed by mother Earth in the cycle of life.

I am tossed and twisted too by the turbulence of life and can withstand it all
with life Source by my side but when finally disconnected, return to mother earth for another of life’s journey.

So why the frenzy, why the struggle, why the turmoil of- me, and mine- when the laws of my Mother are the same for me or the ant or leaf or flower?
Must I cringe and cry at every twist and turn or simply bow down, to Mother’s will, like the leaf during storm ?

That’s my only choice.