Jai Shri Hari. Pranam at your Lotus Feet Swamiji. 

It has been long since I have written anything on this platform. Today, something from inside pushed me to jot some words. At the behest, Happy Diwali to all the readers from our family! May this festival of light bring joy and illuminate your path of journey.. This festive season (no I am not releasing any movie or launching any product 😉), let me ask you a question and at the same time, let me confess something in front of you, which I have been long waiting for.

First, the question part: This Diwali, everyone is wishing “Happy Diwali”. Let me ask you: “Are you really happy, this Diwali? Do you think mental health issue / depression is just all about medicines and therapies?” In my opinion, mental illness treatment is not just limited to medication and therapy, but it depends a lot on the mindset, the approach, the inner tools and baby steps one takes on daily basis that fosters the growth of overall mental and emotional health. It is about learning to practice self love without the feel of guilt. Some practical tips of the statement are as follows

  1. Taking care of your needs, before proceeding to help others. (may sound selfish, but remember the golden words of the Air hostess, when you board a flight “Please wear your mask properly before helping others.) There actually is a reason: if you are not in good terms with your own self, then you cannot serve others to the fullest.
  2. Working on better sleep and overall health, lacking which you are going to cause immense problem and sufferings not only to yourself but also to your near and dear ones either intentionally or un-intentionally.
  3. Learning to work on emotional well-being like following some hobby, taking out some ‘me time’ to reflect and pamper your own self.
  4. Practicing positive self talk, for example: rather than saying to yourself that I could have done better and punching the air, one can soothingly tell I did the best I can and will try to improve further in due course of time.
  5. Being more open minded and practicing self forgiveness, not blaming yourself for every situation that goes wrong in your life. No doubt, you have to own it, but at what cost? Definitely not at the cost of your own mental peace. Once you lose your mental balance, you will not be able to give your best. So don’t be hard on yourself.
  6. Learning to forgive yourself for (i) a job not done, (ii) the mistakes you have made, (iii) making wrong choices in the past etc.

The tiniest bit of efforts you make on a daily basis will immensely benefit you in the well being of your overall mental health and you can prevent a lot of problem like pre-emptive strikes to neutralize Terrorist attack threat before the attack takes place.

Now to the second part of today’s topic: the confessions I want to make..

Yes, I know it’s really a tough task to reveal your weakness to anyone as the person may take advantage of the same instead of helping out. It is way too difficult to face the society with all those weaknesses. But Biswa, you actually instilled the courage not only to admit your own weaknesses, but also to take steps to bravely fight and emerge victorious. On this Diwali, I want to say you

” I am really proud of the strength you have, because I know that there were days when you did not want to wake up in the morning, days all you wanted to do was drop everything and crawl back to bed. It took all the strength inside you to survive that phase and get going. You really proved the statement that if an adversity is not able to kill you, it will definitely strengthen you. You are stronger than you think and this statement is applicable for everyone. Yes, low phases may come, but withstand the same with courage and determination that the same will end if you stay resolved. Keep it in mind whenever the drive is low. It is just a Statistical fluctuation and will damp with time with a systematic approach.”

Dear readers, Biswa always portrayed me as a strong lady in his posts, but the truth is that I derive my strength from him. I remain strong, because I know that he is beside me every time in every situation. Anyone can fall. But the real strength is to dust off and stand tall after the fall. Then you can set example and develop further. (Virat Kohli, I think you can hear me!).

Everyone is struggling in his / her own way. In fact life is a struggle and without struggle, life will not have any charm. Hope that everything will be fine, have faith in your Guru and the divine. With this magic word of ‘Hope’ toughest possible mountain can be climbed. With all these words I wish my extended family a “Happy Diwali

Jai Shri Hari…

PS: The featured image is the photograph of my Diwali Decoration reflecting the festive mood…