Boasted to myself and a few friends of how I started meditation with a 12 day pilgrimage to vipasana centre in nearly 8 years back and took it to a different level last 2 years guided by Black Lotus app and Swami ji renderings of instructions delivered featherlight . A little while back I thought the coronation as a YOGI was just round the corner . Then I can be at the feet of Swami ji to seek blessings for my NextStep.

But alas something happened over last 40 days leaving me in a confused mood last couple of days . I had taken the 40 day goal pack LIVE LIKE A CHAMPION but have taken possibly 60 days and yet struggling to complete the 40th day . I had a tough last week getting edgy many a times and lost my cool on each occasion . What a shame for a seasoned meditator like me . It was the first time something like this has happened .since I started with Black Lotus . What went wrong I wondered 🤔

It’s as if I am a frozen river or perhaps  a rock in the midst of a seemingly flowing river of the world around me .

Not surprising , as I spent most of my career in the oil business trying to discover oily rocks deep inside Mother Earth . Yet inspite of all my rigidities , I negotiated the uncertain and non linear world of oil keeping my inner self on a straight path . I have since retired and by divine grace got connected to Swami ji . Thus began my so called second innings in life .

The rock in me has perhaps got exposed as I have started searching deep inside me now that the corporate storm has blown over  . Perhaps deep inside and unknowingly I have been fossilised. 

Has it touched my DNA ? Can I break this rock ?🪨 and lose myself in the river of life to finally merge with the ocean , a mission well articulated in this wonderful goal  pack 

My journey however continues and indeed I am blessed to be under the umbrella of Swami ji and life time gooru’s who have guided me all along . 

Thank you so much for being part of this story and your continued guidance and sharing will help me eventually merge joyfully with the river of life . 


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