“Water has a special place in my life. During my childhood, I never missed a chance to play in the rain. My dad used to take us to beaches at least once in a month. I even bathe thrice daily, just for the love of it,” said Joe.

“Hmm,” said Rio.

Being an introvert herself, Joe has never tried playing in public since her childhood. The fear of being bullied is still on her mind. She has stopped living for herself. Now being in front of the waterbody, her childhood fantasies rushed to her mind. Unfortunately, shyness, fear of being judged and other friends of negativity jointly waged war on her desire and they seem to be conquering her mind.

 “Do you know, whats on my mind, right now,” asked Joe.

“No”, said Rio.

“I really wished to play in the water now.”

“Let’s go”



“There are people around. I am shy. I can’t”

Rio dragged her into the water. Joe resisted initially but eventually went into it. The water is only until her calves. Joe sprinkled water onto Rio.

In the meanwhile, their friend Mac started clicking pictures. 

Few minutes later, Rio lifted Joe into the air. He lifted her fears as well. 

“This is my happiest day. Thank you, Rio and Mac, for this” smiled Joe. 


pic credits: Pixels