I am Arjuna


Krishna is calling

His call

To arms.

A lone warrior

Amongst the multi-faceted array.

A call to arms

From deep within.

Krishna is calling – His call

To vanquish the enemy,

Though painful it seems.

Tis written

The sword will rise and fall,

For that sigh of relief.

Shine the light,

The enemy I cannot see.

These are my own,

How can it be?

How hard it is to tear apart

From what you held so dear.

What twist of fate

Lovers once friends

Turned to hate.

Spirit unwilling

To play the hand of fate.

Krishna calls,

Free yourself

From the tyranny

Of fear and guilt you feel.

Tis written

Fate is fate,

What must be done

Must be.

The motion is set,

You are but a pawn.

Pick the sword,

And vanquish the enemy within.

And as you bleed

I bleed

For truth and justice

To rise like the phoenix

Again and Again and Again


I Am.



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