Today’s special post is dedicated to a very very precious person. He who has never met me in physical body but trusts me,loves me and respects me as his own mother! With Swamiji s grace a wrech and carefree person like me too am adressed by such lovely and tapasvee kids of Swamiji as Meera Maa! Though at times i feel embarrassed what qualification other than being Swamiji s do i possess to be adressed so lovingly with such high regard! I do have my share of vices too, its too much humility and kindness of all Om Swamiji s community kids who have really really loved and pamperred me so much.Thank you so much my bachaas your meera Maa loves you too.So this sweetheart devotee i am going to write about is a great follower of the book wellness sense and hates Maida so all the time keeps teasing me Motu Maa and keeps scolding me for eating junk food or gaining weight , he makes plans with me to visit all religious temples and dhaams when i grow old ,regularly he checks on my family’s health and keeps checking on my emotional status.He encourages me to be kind and compassionate. Such a pure soul is this golden hearted devotee of Swamiji who considers Swamiji as his Father that he gives 45 rs to poor hungry people out of 50 rs pocket money which he has and prefers to eat frugal or walk towards his house rather than spending on transport. The internet makes lot of short term and convenience driven relationships but my bachaaa who keeps sending me Christ kissing mother Marry s picture whenever he gets love on me ,dint even forget me when he earned his first salary and gifted me ear pods ,thinking i ll enjoy washing utensils in covid times with bliss of listening to Swamiji s Satsangs without any inconvenience. At times he asks me how am i doing and i send him my selfies smiling but with my eyes he gauges i m tired and pesters me to eat pizza ordered online by him , though he is against junk his love for his meera Maa makes him forget that! At end i would say my Sun Shine Boy may you prosper a lot in life! Lots and lots of loving blessings.