My friend called me after a long time. She was not sounding good. She wanted to share a story. It so happened that my friend’s college mate was calling her constantly as her son’s marriage was at stake. He had fallen in love with a girl and he wanted to marry her.     However, The elders in his family were objecting to the alliance . 

After narrating this story, she asked for my opinion. I told her that whatever has to happen will happen. We have little say in it. She was unhappy with my response as she was expecting some positive assurance. However, I did not want to be dishonest with my thoughts so I gently told her to let things unfold with time. I felt guilty for not giving her the desired response. While it would have made her happy and would have puffed up my ego, some power within me stopped me from doing what I had done countless times in the past.

Later on, while mulling over this incident, I remembered the serenity prayer which says, “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change and the courage to change the things that I can and the wisdom to know the difference.”


For this new year I have resolved not to unnecessarily dwell on thoughts. The trouble is in holding on to our thoughts. Good or bad we need to let them go. I definitely know this is an uphill challenge for me as many times in a day I  lose myself to some thought.

 I would now concentrate on watching my thoughts, dedicating my action to the almighty. 

In Sai Charitra  there is a story where the devotee is remorseful for his action. Pundalik Rao the devotee was supposed to give Baba a coconut . However, in a moment of unawareness, they broke the coconut and ate it. When Baba reminds Pundalik about the coconut he is filled with remorse and guilt. It is then that Baba reminds us that we need to  be aware of our actions but we should not give ourselves the mantle of doership.

The world is a manifestation of the Divine. Bhagwan is the sole doer. Everything happens by His will alone. Nothing happens by our efforts. Actions take place of their own volition. The individual knows that I am not the doer. The more we are able to imbibe this attitude and act according to it, the nearer we are to dhyana. A sure test that mental purification is complete is when all sense of personal doership dissolves and we perceive action to be just happening. Even Brahmaji does not take credit for the creation of the world. He merely holds on to the Lord and believes that through him the process of creation is taking place. Swami Nikhilananda Saraswati  in The Speaking Tree. (

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