Today I am not writing this post for myself, but for someone very dear to me. 

@harshita is very very very dear to me. I never knew this, but she is a very strong girl who has the strength to work hard and overcome every obstacle that comes her way. 

Those of you who don’t know the back story, Harshita was traveling in the same car with my parents, when they met with an accident. Both harshita and my father suffered a spinal cord injury. Though we are fortunate enough that we didn’t lose them in such a huge crash, but both of them have been suffering a lot for 1 year. 

My father suffered a C4-C5 injury, and harshita suffered a C5-C6 injury. 

Let me give a small background about my sister. She has always been the closest to me. Not because we were born just 20 days apart, but because we literally share everything with each other. I still remember the small fights we used to have as we were kids. It’s actually amazing how the small fights that we used to have as kids feel so wonderful right now. Maybe that is the power of memories. 

I have always seen her as a very strong soul. Giving her best in everything she does and always smiling. Maybe this nature of hers has given her the power to always be happy and now she is handling herself and her family so well. There are very few people in this world who try to stay positive in every situation they face. I have really learned a lot from her. 

I hope that she keeps on going like this, and is able to overcome the problem that she and her family is facing. And I promise to always support you in every way possible. 

Love you loads!

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