Today was a busy day at work… Some days are leisurely, and some days so busy that I don’t even know when morning turns into evening and night, and then somehow I wrap up and go back home, only to find that a hundred other things are calling for attention,… The washed up dishes waiting to be replaced, unwashed dishes piled up in the kitchen, books and other stuff strewn all over the house, a pile of clothes waiting to be ironed out…. Then the unfinished school projects of kids, the preparation for upcoming exams, the missing things husband is frantically looking for… The tummy rumbles, head spins, body feels tired, but then there isn’t time to take rest, so much to be done… Dinner isn’t ready yet… Ah!! I feel so tired out, I ask Mother, O Maa, why is a woman’s life so difficult? She works all day long, and after she comes back home also, there is no end to the work. And the worst part is no one even acknowledges her role when their lives are going on so smoothly… 

That’s when the realisation dawned on me… Thats what our dear Maa has been doing all along. I only have to look after one house, but our Maa has the whole universe to look after. There are so many things she needs to look after, and she has been doing this tirelessly and continuously since the beginning of time… Millions of demands are being made out of her, and she is always listening to them with so much love and patience. We forget her when our demands are met, in fact we don’t even thank her so many times, but not once does she complain. If Maa can do so much, then the task I have is so small compared to hers, and still I complain. Sorry Maa…for complaining about my life when you given me so much to be thankful for… And sorry for forgetting you… When you haven’t forgotten me for even a second… I will try to be your good bacha…

Happy Navratri!!! 

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