Hello people …. How are you all doing?

Today is 27th day when we got physically separated …, Not a moment goes without his memory…I keep on seeing him with my Naked eyes ,wide awake in night…His words keep murmuring in my mind…!

It seems  he has physically left me but cord of our souls are still and very strongly attached….I hear him directing me how to lead my life further…!!!

He whispers in my heart that he is there ..Looking after me…!

My memory Lane is  Vast….I see him there from the day one when I first saw him & till my final  encounter..!

I wait that my phone will ring and he will ask ” Kaisi Ho Meri Jaan”!!!!

I am still making so many plans with him..What we planned and thought to do together….Waiting for his Nod that he is okay with my plans….

I wait that he will just emerge from no where with his heartfull laugh and will  ask me to cook his favourite Daal Tadka & Dhaba Style Rotis & will offer me the first bite with his own hands as he always used to do…..!

I wait for him telling me that he misses me the way I do….!!!!

There are so many things I am waiting for… I just want to know he is doing fine there …..!!!!

I miss him folks, I am in tears while writing this…How to Hold them Back….????

One of my friend sent me these besubeaut lines: 

                ” And if I go,

                 While you are still here,

                  Know that I live on,

                 Vibrating to a different Measure ,

                  Behind  a Thin Veil,

                   You  can not see through,

                     You will Not see me,

                      So you must have faith,

                     I will wait for the Time, when

                      We can Soar together again,

                    Both aware of each other…,

                    Until then , live your life to 

                    It’s fullest…& When you need 

                     me, just Whisper my name …

                        I will be there…….!”

   I hope I am not giving negative vibes…!

Thanks for being there friends….!!💐💐💐💐💐





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