In my previous post named Spiritual Architecture for चित्तवृत्ति developers, if you remember which of course you don’t remember, you hardly remember you other half birthday or such dates then how can you remember a blog which has so weird name, had laid out the architecture of our Chitta Vriti.

But before I talk further let me put a disclaimer here,I am going to talk a lot of junk in this blog so if you think your precious Amazon Prime/Netflix binge watching time is getting ruined ,please close the browser and enjoy your knowledge transfer sessions there.Others who decide to stay and continue to read, congrats you are junkie like me and we share at least some bonding.

After many days of contemplation on how to use my Spiritual Architecture I decide to build an spiritual app to track/monitor anyone’s Paap Ka Ghada(Pitcher of Sin).Imagine if this app had been available for Ravana,he would have get mobile alert like Ravana your Ghada is 95% full, please either delete some old Paaps or archive them(in small font there could be option of  Upgrade),who knows he might have returned Maa Janaki and saved all efforts of my prabhu Shri Ram to take all those pain in Jungle and building setu and all.

Therefore,I am going to build this social service app Paap Ka Ghada,let’s start defining the features of this app and the foremost critical feature is define Paap itself.So what is Paap(Sin)?
does it vary person to person, culture to culture ,is it not following the Shastra or is it opposite of Punya.Tens of hundreds of books, commentaries, discourses are shared to explain what is Paap,so I won’t go into that debate and baselined myself as scale to measure the Paap.

In Gajendra Moksham(गजेंद्रमोक्षं) the Gaja  the elephant says

तमक्षरं ब्रह्म परं परेशमव्यक्तमाध्यात्मिकयोगगम्यम्।
अतीन्द्रियं सूक्ष्ममिवातिदूरमनन्तमाद्यं परिपूर्णमीडे।

summary -The one who is subtle and infinite, the one who though closest to all but appears to be the farthest for ignorants due to his Maya.One early morning I prayed वाग्दोषहारी सकलं शमलं निहन्ति (Hey SriRam Please fix my speech issues ) and after two hours when my boss scolds me in a meeting I abuse him behind from bottom of my heart.Maya Mr. Elephant Maya.

Take a second example when Devraj Indra recites a Ram Stuti

सदा भोगभाजं सुदूरे विभान्तं सदा योगभाजामदूरे विभान्तं
चिदानन्दकन्दं सदा राघवेशम विदेहात्मजंदरूपम प्रपद्ये

summary- I take refuge in Rama, Who is always staying away from those who are immersed in Bhog, Who is always staying close to those who are immersed in Tapa.I read this stuti every evening and just before going to bed I watch Top 20 celebs with no make up looks.Times of India because of you I am not able to get the moksha.
This last example will clear all your doubts of Paap,In sunderkand Prabhu Shri Ram says to Sugriva

जौं पै दुष्टहदय सोइ होई ।मोरें सनमुख आव कि सोई ॥
निर्मल मन जन सो मोहि पावा ।मोहि कपट छल छिद्र न भावा ॥

summary-Only the pure hearts qualifies to see or visualize me.From last two years of Puja and Showbaazi(Don’t search dictionary) not a single hint of  him appeared to me.But I was not ready to give up as my genius mind found the logic then How Ravana could face SriRam.It took me days to understand and explain this genius idiot that Ravana was not Paapi but Paap himself.If Punya(पुण्य ) had taken the form of Ram,Ravanas was the manifestation of Paap.That’s why Ram Ravana war was fight of dharam and dharma.This war  has no parallels in the history of mankind.

I hope you got the definition of your Paap so once this app is installed on your Chitta Play store, customize it and start measuring the your Paap Ka Ghada.

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