“I am useless,” Alarm clock confesses to God, “The kid who bought me scolds me daily”.
“You are confused between the scoldings of the kid and the importance of your existence in his life”, replied God.
“I feel I am a whole piece. But, the kid makes me into pieces more than once a day,” groans the Alarm clock.
“It might be early in the morning, But mom, I am hungry as my stupid AC woke me up too early”, shouts the kid while washing his face.
“Now, You heard it yourself,” continues AC, “I have zero choices but to do his bidding”.
“Don’t be too pessimistic,” says God.
I never liked you, but I always will keep you with me as you make sure that I never miss my writing workshops,” says the kid, kisses AC and opens his laptop.
And that was seriously funny of you to think that he doesn’t love you back,” says God.
“It’s a beautiful pain”, smiles AC, “Sometimes I feel great. Yet, most of the time, I get hurt”.
“Life is full of sweet sorrows”, says God, “That’s the interesting part of my creation. Your only choice is to do your duty and leave the rest to me.” 

God disappears with a smiling face.

AC smiles back and starts accepting herself and her reality wholeheartedly.

This is a part of our writing workshop today.

Theme: Alarm clock

The italicized words are asked to fit in our narrative.

The interesting part is these words are not given at the beginning. One after the other was given with a time gap of roughly 1 to 2 minutes. 

Thank you.