“The only man I know who behaves sensibly is my tailor; he takes my measurements anew each time he sees me. The rest go on with their old measurements and expect me to fit them.”(George Bernard Shaw)

What a profound statement by Goerge Bernard Shaw. It holds the utmost truth that people do not accept the other people as they are but they always want them to fit in their own expectations.

Change is the law of nature. Everybody changes and evolves with time. Our habits, likings and dislikings and our preferences and priorities also keep changing with times but there are always some people in our life who do not want to see those changes in us. They want to keep us caged in their own perspective, expectations and image. Perhaps they do not want to see us grow or they themselves do not want to grow.

(There is a husband wife joke in which a husband laments that after his wife changed him completely by nagging all around, later complains that he is not the same man she married)

The word LOVE is often used to curb the evolution and development of a person because some people think that they not only have copyright on the feeling called LOVE but also on the person they love. 

I have written another post on this subject of Love being the most misused word which you can find here in this highlighted link


In the pursuit of our happiness and happiness of others, we need to learn to unlearn. Unlearnig is equally difficult as is the learning for those who do not want to evolve. Change not only calls for learning but also for unlearnig. The burden of baises, prejudices, love,  liking, favouritism, affection, abhor, hatred etc requires to be released to reach the state of being non judgemental and eventually the state of peace and grace. 

Let us strive not to expect others to fit in our expectations all the times and not to fit in other’s expectations always.

Let’s take time for ourselves.

Love and Peace.