You guys have been extremely helpful and kind towards me. First off, I thank each and every one of you. I really don’t have much to say. You all are how I talk to people that feel the same way as me and with my prior lifestyle there isn’t a lot around me to connect with on the same level. I understand, that doesn’t quite make sense, I can connect with everything around me, but, I’m not quite at that stage and the habits I’ve acquired over years of giving up are proving extremely difficult to overcome. It’s cool though, I understand what my goal is and that I need patience. It’s just hard and wanted someone friendly to hear from or talk with. Lol man this self pity shit is ridiculous. Sorry for the language. Anywho, maybe you’ll like this song. It’s what got me in my feelings in the first place. Jelly Roll – Save me. I thought his name was pretty clever and funny lol idk I’m strange. It brings a particular emotion, maybe you’ll enjoy the message or just his voice. I appreciate you listening or reading or however you wish to put it. This community means the world to me.