We are often asked, “What is Spiritual Growth???” and “How does one attain it”… So many of us are confused, uncertain, apprehensive about life and try to get answers for our questions…
Spiritual Growth is the process of inner awakening of some universal truths which go beyond our everyday existence.It means going beyond our minds and egos and realizing who we really are.
We must realize that we are in this world for our own spiritual growth and we ourselves have chosen to experience certain events in our lives that help us balance out and imbues in us qualities of patience, tolerance, love, gratitude, faith and forgiveness.
No human being can grow without being tested by trying circumstances of life- be it physical, emotional or mental.The choice we have is whether to react to the situation by playing a victim’s role or respond to it with understanding and wisdom.Seeing it as a fruit of the seed we have sown in the past and learn to accept it and go beyond it.
We can either be rooted in pain and remain a victim or be encouraged by God’s love and grace, we can make a conscious effort to overcome suffering that our soul chose to experience in the first place.

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