I don’t write often here. Primarily, I don’t understand what I can write about that would be useful for someone. But today, seeing the unruly scenes, the sight of “farmers” protesting in our national capital made me sad. Sometimes I feel if our country is a hopeless case. Are we worthy of democracy? Without making this a political post which might get flagged and taken down by admin, let me quickly tell you one of the two things(1) which helped me to uplift my mood, “”. Yes, today more than ever I realized the importance of having a place where humanity doesn’t seem to be a lost case. This place shines with the divinity of all the kind people on this platform. So, thank you everyone for making this place (and hopefully this world would also be one day) a kinder and a more truthful place.

And gear up, here comes my rambling (I mean some more ramblings).


Main post

I don’t want to be a dancer. Surely I am not a great dancer, but neither am I too bad at it. I would say I am an average dancer. But I am not surprised my parents are a big fan of my dancing. So much so that last summer when I told them I do not want to and might not get into a couple dance they freaked out:P I know this is what they have been conditioned with seeing people all around, all their life. It is a common perception that if someone is not dancing to the tunes of life, then it means there is no music in his or her life.

This game is not just fun, but funny. There are no written rules. But I think there is one rule. One has to dance till the orchestra conductor wants you to. I don’t hate my dance. I think I am good at it. My dance is taking me to distant places I have never been to. People are willing to pay me for my dance, so maybe, it might have some worth for someone (laughs/weeps my boss and my professor in corner):P Doing this I get to meet interesting and intelligent people. Most of them like to dance. Surprisingly, they all like each other’s form of dance more than their own. It surprises them even more when I tell them I don’t want to dance. Maybe, because when I dance, I happily dance. Even to an extent to be best at it. But I don’t want to dance.

I know a troupe of people who don’t dance anymore. I find them interesting. Sometimes they dance but mostly they sing. I think one of them might have been a Sufi saint is one His past lives. I too want to stop these mundane and never ending dances to sit to listen, to enjoy this divine music.

Then what stops me from not stopping dancing? One, and most importantly the cue from the orchestra composer. I am waiting for the cue to stop. The same orchestra conductor is dear to me and I like Her music. It mesmerizes me when I stand beneath an open sky to see Her glory. The mere thought of the fact that Her music swirls the galaxies gives me immense joy. This same silent music makes us all dance. But She is so dear to me that I dance till She wants me to. Maybe I am not ready, yet.

Secondly, my dance could make someone’s life better. Me not dancing to stop to enjoy the music might be selfish on my part. Third, is ofcourse people for whom I am dear to. I might not be superbly attached to anyone but I love, respect and want people around to be happy. And lastly, I am afraid if the craving of not dancing is just my laziness hiding beneath, wearing a saffron hoodie:P

I think I am like that kid who somehow gets his hand on a hidden box of candies. He doesn’t know what all is there in it, but the hunch of having found something remarkable gives butterflies in his stomach. So much so that even when at school or play, he only thinks what might be there in that box. Only thing he wants is to open the box. Like a bumblebee attracted helplessly to the flower.

……I don’t want to dance but sing the glories and enjoy the divine music……

Customary P.S.:

  1. Another being this nice stuti of Lord Shiva. If anyone knows any details about its origin or name, do comment below. Couldn’t find its sanskrit lyrics file from any genuine source.
  2. Thank You once again for being here. Also, if you want you could read something I wrote sometime back.