Good Evening lovely souls!

A few lines for my Radhekrishna Bhagwan!

My God of love.

Yes You are always there,

Deep in my heart,

You’re my intelligence,

My strength,

My ability,

The heat in my body,

The glow of my soul,

The taste of water,

The light of the moon,

Yes everything rests upon you like pearls are stung on a thread,

The breeze that just tickled me,

I finally see you there…

Oh Ocean of love…

The universe might not commend my forbearances,

They might put it all to tests,

For you who is the ocean of love inestimable,

I will take sips of your name,

A part and parcel of you, I am imperishable.

Even if these death breeze take me away,

Oh divine with the complexion of a rainy cloud,

I’ll be proud I didn’t love you any less.

Tired of searching for you,

When I looked inside my chest,

I finally see you there…

Oh Ocean of love…

A few lines are inspired from Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta, from one of my favourite shlokes. 

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May Radhekrishna Bhagwan bless you all!