The beautiful home I built,

With delicate petals and twigs,

Stood ramshackled in the harsh wind,

A figure of broken beauty eliciting lost joy.

And Yet I Go On.


Fellow travelers have gone their path,

The sacrifices I made are now but madness,

The dreams of togetherness withered in isolation,

I stood alone, lost.

And Yet I Go On.


The dreams I saw have become vapor,

As dreams are not that one can touch,

Yet they seemed real and achievable,

Now not even a glimmer of them comes back.

And Yet I Go On.


All I set for my life,

Expectations, the joy of fulfillment,

The pleasure of achievement,

Stood shattered.

And Yet I Go On.


For a new house has risen from dust,

Companions rediscovered, dreams shared,

The world provides, there need be no expectations,

Efforts yield, peace and happiness reign.

So I Go On.


For I try no more,

You have sheltered this lost soul.

Leading, shielding from the thorns,

All worries taken to Your Self with only joy to behold.

So I Go On.



A poem on how life changed