Jai Sri Hari Everyone.

It’s been a long time since I posted something here and today is a very special day so could not resist  and thought of sharing my feelings with you all.

Today is the birthday of one of the cutest, smartest, innocent, lovely, kind, compassionate and one of the most intelligent kid I have ever come across in my life…….drum rolls…..for dearest Hemanya….😍

Happy – Happy Birthday to you dear Hemanya. This Aunty loves you to the moon and back.🎂🍰🥧🧁🍧🍨

Well this November month is special isn’t it? It starts with the birthday of a sweetheart and ends with the sweetest heart of everyone here on os.me.

When I started posting on os.me initially, I had no idea what was in the store for me. I met such wonderful souls here, on this amazing platform, that I everyday showed gratitude to lord for bringing me home and I love this family. 

But this special lil girl Hemanya simply stole my heart. I don’t know why but from her first comment, where she was so kind and encouraging, I felt a strong connection. I felt she is an extension of my existence. And i mean it. 

And with each detailed comment of hers , I started to fall in love with her. And we all know her wonderful style of expression, through her writings, and how mature she is for her age. She is definitely a blessed child, credit goes to lord and her perfect parents.

I have made friends on os.me but I had no idea I will get an elder sister for my daughter and Hemanya is so unconditional in showering her love on my Geet. Thank you Hemanya for this.

Also without doubt, I get this strong feeling that if someday something goes wrong with me, I know there is one family who will take good care of my daughter. I am full of gratitude for sending Hemanya and her lovely family in my life.🙏🤗

She is not aware what impact she has left on me. She and Sonali ji thinks I over pamper her but I do get heavy in heart sometimes thinking of her.  That strengthens my belief that I have a past life connection with her.  

She is the best gift I have got from os.me and she is so lucky that even swami ji comments on her post…kya chahiye duniya me aur yar?🙄🤦‍♀️

Every time I drive back from Nainital and when I see a road sign towards Haridwar, I feel like taking a turn and driving that road to meet this little girl who is so dear to me.

Dear Hemanya….Happy Birthday Sweetheart. Stay blessed. Lots of love.

Till we meet, your birthday gift is due.

But please do share with me your maturity, love, kindness and talent and devotion for Swami as part of return gift.

May Swami ji bless you in abundance in all lifetimes.

Featured image : A small cupcake from Geet. She chose it. Well i guess this is fine as i am sure you are going to get many cakes and sweets today. Enjoy

Image by GLady from Pixabay