Honestly i am one person who hates all type of insects and used to kill them immediately after spotting them anywhere in my vicinity. 

And the worst part was,  i never regretted that act of mine. My favorite targets would be cockroaches,  wasp, spiders and mosquitoes. 

Then once i read somewhere that how swami ji relocates the spiders from his cottage. I thought i will do the same and then realised i have not many spiders at my place.

Then nature decided to teach me a lesson. During lockdown i moved to mountains temporarily during pre monsoon season. 

The flora and fauna around the house was too beautiful but the side effect was too many insects at home…and some were so strange that i had never seen them before. City life perks 😄

So here i was, a murderer of their community,  thinking what should i do now as i can’t kill them all and even if i do there will be many more next day….worst were the earthworms and snails and bigggggg spiders as they were everywhere. 

Now i also had a 4 year old daughter and i wanted to appear kind to other creatures. 

Sensing my fear and instinct regarding these not so happy insects, my daughter started to fear them too and used to shout whenever she spotted any of the mentioned ones.

Now i was in a dilemma, what to do.

So finally i became courageous and told my daughter-

”  these insects are the real owner of this place and we came to their territory to make our house. 

The same god made them as well so we need to save them. Next time whenever you spot them, just stand on a side and call me , i will safely get them relocated.”

(Trust me i scored the max karma points in BL app by relocating pests)

So in last 10 months i always carefully catch these insects               ( sometimes even cajoling them that i am trying to save you …plz cooperate and they somehow listen,  especially the big flies) , and take them to safe place and let them find their natural habitat.

Yesterday i was in kitchen cooking , yeah yeah i can cook basic meal🙈😀, my daughter came and she started crying loudly, with her right foot in the air with her shoes on….

I got panicked that whether she got hurt somewhere and i insisted tell me what happened while inspecting her leg still hanging in the air..

She composed herself and said ,

” i am sorry mumma, i killed a fly today. I tried speaking to her that i want to save you and asked her to sit on my sandal so that i could take her out and when i thought she sat down i jumped in happiness and by mistake i jumped on her and she got killed. Now she is under my sandal could you please remove her”

Then she started crying again and said sorry repeatedly and i got to know secret of that hanging foot for so long ..

I hugged her and said that’s ok..be careful next time and seek forgiveness from your bhole baba, his favorite bhagwan ji🙂

And then tears of joy rolled down from my cheeks and i felt so happy that somewhere she is observing me and learning from it- exactly the way swamiji says in his book that kids observe their parents and learn.

It was a proud moment for and i felt i must be doing something right that she felt bad by accidentally killing a fly. It is only because of his grace and teachings.

But i still can’t stand mosquitoes…though have shifted to net instead of killing them but any suggestion to keep them away is most welcomed. 

Thanks for reading. 


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