A long time ago it became inevitable

I had to get a hold of the situation and start working on myself.

The fact that I felt exhausted of constantly being in a sad/depressed kinda mood, taken advantage of, stuck in toxic relationships that were leading nowhere is what pushed me to look for change. 

So this is what I did 

  • I took hold of myself. For real.  
  • I stopped worrying about what my life should look like from other people’s eyes
  • I stopped comparing my self to others
  • I  stopped listening to those who told me I should do this and don’t do that or be a certain way instead of the way I was/am-hey, I know most likely they had my best interest ate heart, but from their point of view  
  • I  stopped over-analyzing the movies in my head


  • I learned to love myself – even the parts that are difficult to accept – the way I look, how I think, my desires, my past actions 
  • I distanced myself from those who did not understand me and wanted me to change – yes, sometimes it means your closest ones, and it was no fun 
  • I deepened my personal, inner practice: I read, researched, explored different cultures and philosophies, I traveled
  •  I expanded my vision on life, looking at the paramount version of it, instead of focusing on the everyday little dramas
  • Trust became my mantra
  • I deepened my faith in the Divine over and over and over again – you can read more about this in my previous blog  https://os.me/short-stories/from-darkness-to-light/

I’m telling you this because, if you feel stuck in any areas of your life or if you tell yourself “this is what it is”, “nothing I can do about it” you are not being fair to yourself . I know for certain that YOU CAN come out of any situation that does not serve you. YOU CAN leave people, situations, things behind and be in a much better space for yourself. YOU CAN “disappoint” those who say they love you, but want you to be stuck in misery because who knows. YOU CAN start anew at any time, any moment, at any age. YOU CAN be the best version of yourself and have a life of joy, purpose, and filled with love. This is the thing, when you make no more excuses for yourself and others. When you let go of the fear that keeps you stuck. When you start loving yourself, automatically you will attract the same type of energy flow into your life; you will no longer be a magnet for negativity, for abuse of any form. And the best part is when you take all of these out of your life you make space for joy, peace, love. 

See, the thing is often we make ourselves busy. Oh so busy with this and that, when in reality it’s an excuse to not be with ourself. To not be in our own company. If we stop even for a minute we may have to face our fears, we may have to ask ourselves questions we’d rather not know the answer of. We  might have to have a reality check of what is really going on, instead of what our mind/pain body wants us to believe. Here are my recommendations,

Let go of the story. What stories about yourself are keeping you wound up? What story can you let go of? What story do you want to cultivate that creates more inner peace, health, and balance? You can replace the old movie in the head with a new one that supports you from the inside out at any time.This is an affirmation you can use: I am being fully supported and have everything I need right now.” I said it with enthusiasm over and over and it worked for me. Why shouldn’t it do the same for you? You automatically feel calmer in mind/body. You tap into a deeper sense of  peace and inner stability after repeating this phrase, give it a try! 

Let go of the stuff. Do you feel the need to get more and more stuff, because you believe that this new fill in the blanks or that  fill in the blanks will make you happier? I’m sure you know that by continuing to search outside of yourself for comfort without a strong inner practice, you will always be hungry: your heart and bellies will never feel full.  What if you could come from a place of enough—how much stuff do you actually need? Have you ever asked yourself that? 

Let go of busyness. I know we are all busy. The question is, “what are you busy at”? Everyone seems to feel stretched with the information overload, the list of never-ending tasks, the must and should dues. Sometimes the best way to have more time, connection, and freedom, is to commit to less things in your life. How can you simplify your life, so you have time for what really matters? What is the first thing you can let go of today? 

Yes, all of this possible. Because I know, without a doubt that the Universe has my best interest at heart. And yours. And ours. It wants me – and you- to succeed and it’s constantly opening ways not even imaginable.

Moral of the story, change IS possible. I’m asking you, how badly do you want it? 

Thanks for reading❤️