Hello everyone

Today I want to talk about food.

I love eating pizza. My favourite drink is strawberry smoothie.

I love my mom’s home cooked pizza. I love veggies on my pizza like tomato, onion and capsicum.

I never demand pizza from outside but only once I did and mummy took me to eat out.

You know I had my first burger when I was five years old.

We should not eat junk everyday. My teachers have taught me the healthy plate should have protein, veggies, milk, fruits and fat.

I eat healthy and sometimes I eat junk also.

In the lunch I eat pulses, rice, vegetables. I love karela, bhindi, sandwich, maggi and kadhi.

For dinner I normally take roti / parnatha and sabzi. I eat paneer also.

When I was at my nani’s house, I ate one vegetable which I loved but I do not know the name.

When I get tired, i go to the dining room and eat food. I get my energy back.

You know even plants make their own food, my teacher told me.

When I will grow up, I would love to cook for my parents.

What type of food you like?

Abhi bye bye

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