For a mother who has been fed choicest of pastries,tarts, grilled cheese sandwiches,Russian choclates,cream filled choclatey eclairs and who’s each day was filled with Kachori ,bread roll, bread pakoda,cutlets and aloo chaat with a lunch awaiting with rice and karee tadka how tough it is to send her child a healthy Apple for school tiffin? The apple of my eye who due to no activity in 2 years of covid was trying to turn to a water melon if not pumpkin needs a mother’s stone heart! For 5 minutes in kitchen in the morning i felt like culprit who has himself commited murders of rasgulla,imarti ,gulab jamun and Raj bhog and teaching my Son the morality of being a police informer( ulta Chor, kotwal ko daante) ! I am not a peace since 7 hours so thought of writting it here.Have u ever been stone hearted for your child? Has your parent have been one for U?