The Problem – For many of life is like playing a video game. The moment we finish a level we will be staring at next level. We have this never ending quest for owning more things. We would have spend years to earn and buy our dream car or house, but we don’t spend even days enjoying them. Our mind wants new things. This character of our mind destroys our peace.

When venturing out in the world, we see so many things, beautiful houses, powerful vehicles, latest gadgets and many more. If you appreciates the beauty of those things without trying to own them, life will be peaceful.

Parable – Imagine you are walking in a beautiful garden, you see a flower, you like it very much. Now what you will do? You would try to keep it for yourself, by plucking it, but what if you see more flowers on the way? How many can you pluck? Which flower will you keep? What if the land owner objects to your plucking of his flowers? From experiencing ecstasy by seeing a beautiful flower, due to wanting them, you are experiencing, confusion and disappointment. If you really love the flower you will never pluck it. You would water it.

The Solution – You don’t have to really own a particular thing to appreciate its beauty. It is our primitive brain which is asking us to do it. If we understand this small thing our life will be far happier. It gives us freedom to appreciate the beauty of the world.

Yogi is a person who appreciates the beauty without trying to own it.

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