I, Me, Mine…

These are the three greatest hindrances in our growth! Why? Let me explain.

What is the entity that you call ‘I’? Can you say? This I is nothing but a mixture of various memories, impressions, emotions, impulses, tendencies and so on. There is really no such thing as I. It’s your creation!

The more you’re concerned with your I, the more self-centric you become. Which also means, you’re becoming more isolated, exclusive, not connected, inclusive. This excessive concern about I is the root of all human folly.

From I springs me and mine. The moment I is born, me and mine are also born. Now, you start to think about your likes and your dislikes; your life and your aspirations. Everything is about you now. You wrongly think that the whole life is about you. No, absolutely not!

Depression, anxiety, obsession, addiction, stress, whatever we may call them—these are consequences of excessive I-ness, self-centredness.

A man who lives for others, doesn’t experience these things almost certainly. Living for others means caring for others also, including animals and every creature. We only live for this one entity called I. And I is a very limited entity. Always will be.

Because there is I, there is You.

We have to get to the state of we and us. Is it so hard? Not really. The moment we shun our selfishness, this will be achieved. It’s really that simple. But, we prefer to be selfish, to be inhuman, rather than being a helpful person, a kind person. Because we think, in being kind, honest, selfless, there is no monetary benefit! So puny has our thinking become!

Selfishness and humanity cannot be there together. Selfishness means you only think about yourself. Selflessness means you are also concerned about others. This is the basis of humanity.

If we can’t do this much, we’re not fit to be called humans. Even after being born as a human, most of us are failing to be human! This is the minimum criteria for us to be called human beings. Why are we so selfish? Why?

As you move from I to we, my to our, me to us, we are becoming human in the truest sense.

Kill your I,

You’ll know how to fly!

Don’t be selfish,

And say my, my, my—

Kill your I

And you’ll fly! 

Thank You.
Image Credit: Pinterest. And edited by me.

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