The pet phrase or set of words an individual repeats at equal intervals of his conversation are kniwn as PILLOW PRESIDENT….Or takiya Klaam. They are pauses like,hmmmm or aaaaa! Which give our brains some time to Relax,recollect or rethink. People get habituated to use in beginning or end of each sentence words as”you see” , ” i mean” ; ” for example” , ” actually,” , ” i must tell you ” , ” Generally ” ,,” usually:”, ” most”” hello ,hello” in English to “”yaar poochh matt ” ,” sun ” , ” btaao zara”, in Hindi to parents using takiya kalaam as “jaldi uthh ” , ” late ho gaye ” , ,” bus nikal jaegi ” , to actors as Anil kapoor ,Amitabh bachan ,Sunil shetty ,Shatru ghar sinha Dharmendra and Sunny deol famous for their Takiya kalaam” Jhakaas, haaain, tum mujhe bhool sako ho nahi sakta ,mei tumhe apne ko bhoolne doo ye mei hone nahi doonga,KHAMOSH,tareekh pe tareekh or Kutte mei tera khoon pee jaaoo nga “.Takiya kalam become like a personality icon for an individual. From Sahi pakre hei of serial bhabeeji ghar pe hein to Naiya doob gaee nainitaal mei actors are identified with their Takiya kalaam. With advertisement like darr ke aage jeet hei ,yehee hei right choice baby ,Daag acche hei or Utterly butterly delicious all these tag lines are inspired by Takiya kalaam ,we just speak 2 words and can visualize the person associate with it his traits his features his demeanor! ” kassam se ” ,” Bhagwaan kassam ” and ” mashah alla ” are takiya kalaams used in daily dilect.Even spiritual people have takiya kalaam as ” with God’s grace ” ,” hari krippa s” , we all love someone who s takiya kalaam is ” hai ,ki nahi? ” have all of u noticed it too? Do comment some of your family members ,freinds ,your own or your acquaintance Takiya kalaam too!

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