René Descartes Latin philosopher said once ” I think; therefore I am”.
This maxim has been with me since I read it the first time. I was naive when I read it the first time. I had no inner knowledge or vision to understand this. Even today, I don’t think it has happened, but this thought can be understood with more clarity now by this mindset. The first thing the proof that comes out of this is that I exist. The second question immediately jumps in and say who am I.

Am I thinking? Nothing more? Who is this thinker? If I am thinker then while thinking I should not be able to watch myself thinking. This proverb seems incomplete to me now. It may also be true that we have created layers of our mind to foolproof our thinking we think then we make changes and then we think again. But how can different layers exist inside a mind? Sometime during quiet times, I don’t react to thoughts, but they keep moving to find their way of existence and momentum.

It seems like I am that field where thoughts move, emotions move, desires move. All these different energies move inside me for their own fulfilment. That field can be reactive than it becomes those thoughts, feelings, desires, or it can stay indifferent to all that become a peaceful watcher. So It means this field have a choice and its free to choose either way. It seems this is where meditation starts from, and this mind cannot comment further upon this.


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