What is this yearning
that I eat and eat
and still feel hungry
that I drink and drink
and still feel thirsty?
My heart is hungry
craving for love
for bliss and for
devotion of God.
A devotee rejoices in God
and the raas in His love
and I want to be that devotee
intoxicated in your love.
I want to be a mad lover dancing in your love
I want to be everything, for you my Lord.
Let your melody take me to that place
where darkness and light are one and the same
where good and bad are just a name.
Make me your lover yearning for that one glance
Make me your bhakt dancing in a trance.
Give me also a taste of your raas
for I yearn for you like a child yearns for love.
Lord! I don’t want you nor I want the world
I just want to be a devotee dipped in your love
I want to lose myself – the whole existence of who I am
I want to forget myself – the very crux of what I am.

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