Whenever, in the past, negative thoughts bothered me, I used to give myself the strongest and the highest possible anchor of HOPE, giving auto thoughts that “don’t worry, one day you will get rid of your all negativity. One day you will be what you want to be……just keep following, keep chanting, keep reading, listening….,and keep walking…..”

This has always worked for me. Be it getting rid of inferiority complex, depression, guilt, during early days of journey or recent ones like anger and bad mouthing to a large extent. Yes, our negative traits keep errupting and defusing, from time to time. After all, they are uncountable, so many and so deep rooted. But, today , I am definitely a better version of myself😊.

The stories of great saints, successful personalities in different spheres of life, were always my centre of attraction. Reading them and knowing them has always been a great motivation. My memory was never great so just can’t mention many names or related stuff, nor is there much need to do so. In each one of us, there already exists a mental/spiritual layer acting like a foundation to build our individual master piece😊😊😊. Just recalling what we read and listen, at the time of need works wonder. If lack of money is our concern, recall how kabira survived all through, if life partner gives pain, recall saint whose wife was so so harsh…., if children are disobedient, then KRISHNA himself is our inspiration, if disease is bothering, then ramkrishna paramhansa is there to motivate, and….. And… If our own thoughts and personality is not up to the level of our own expectations??? Perhaps here comes in my own Swami ji, His teachings, His Grace and support. ❤️❤️❤️

Now that Swamiji himself is present among us, do we need to worry at all!!!!!!


unless and until we are able to put in the required sincere efforts, I know अभी दिल्ली दूर है, its still a far off dream. A lot of work needs to be done be it at any level – physical, mental or spiritual. Everyone is stuck somewhere, somehow. This is what I tell myself whenever there is a difference of opinion.

How can I ever reach where HE is???? i do not know. But I have to and I will. If not in this body, then next🤗🤗 as simple as that.

For now, my race is for a guy who is so handsome, so very strong, and so much qualified that once he is mine, half the battle would be won.
And without him, I am so weak, that even a daily morning shower is such a difficult task. (Yes, I do skip it at times) although i keep recalling swamiji’s stay in himalayan region and taking bath with ice cold water at 2 a.m.

O Discipline, my most sought after buddy!!! – how to make you mine, I wonder. 😔. Lucky are the ones born with it, and my salute to those who could inculcate it in this very life time. मेरा नम्बर कब आएगा 💜💙🤎💛🧡
Can you, my dear divine family, please suggest some way/trick/ formula to make discipline my best friend in this very life time🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️.

Am really stuck. Want to move ahead 😊.

Now I understand that why I am not like YOU. But , still, I want to be like YOU 🤦🤦🤦

🙇🙇🙇🙇Jai shri hari🪔🪔🪔🪔

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